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Hawkstone Cider


Delving into the tasting notes, Hawkstone Cider reveals its true essence. Each batch begins with the freshly pressed juice of apples, harvested from within a 50-mile radius of the mill. This commitment to local sourcing encapsulates the robust, earthy flavors of the region into each sip. Once gathered, the juice is placed under the attentive care of our master brewers who oversee the fermentation process.

For up to six months, the cider rests and matures in seasoned oak barrels, each imbued with years of tradition and flavor. This lengthy fermentation process is further enhanced with the addition of champagne yeast, lending the cider its subtle effervescence and complexity. The cider is then cold-filtered to achieve a medium-dry profile, brimming with character and flavor.

This painstaking process ensures that ‘Kalebs’ Hawkstone Cider is never made from concentrate and is never pasteurised. Indeed, it may be arduous to craft, but the end result is an effortlessly enjoyable drink that captures the essence of the region’s apple orchards.

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Introducing Hawkstone Cider, a distinct blend of hand-selected cider apples. This unique beverage is the result of the collaborative craftsmanship between Kaleb Cooper and Guy Lawrence. Guy, a 5th generation cider maker hailing from the renowned Weston’s Cider, employed his skills and knowledge to cater to Kaleb’s discerning taste. This synergy of their passion for cider and their appreciation for local produce gave birth to a cider that stands apart from the crowd.

Drawing inspiration from the resilience and permanence symbolised by The Hawkstone, a Neolithic standing stone nestled within the Cotswold Hills, Hawkstone Cider embraces these enduring qualities. This stone, a testament to the passage of time and the steadfast spirit of generations past, overlooks the counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire.

From these ancient landscapes, rich with traditional orchards, we source the very finest British heritage apple varieties for Hawkstone Cider. This selection process ensures the cider’s authenticity, bringing forth a taste that is as enduring and unique as the stone from which it takes its name.




500ml Bottle