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Hawkstone Lager


Crafted meticulously, this beverage manifests a smooth and rich body, a testament to the careful brewing process it undergoes. The top notes of this lager offer a delicate dance of light citrus. It imparts a refreshing tang, accentuating the depth of the drink’s flavors and providing a bright, invigorating counterpart to its robust body.

This citrus tang is seamlessly intertwined with a refined crisp bitterness, a masterstroke that elevates the lager’s personality. However, the true essence of Hawkstone Lager lies in its malty backbone. It’s a nod to the locally sourced malting barley, nurtured under Jeremy Clarkson’s watchful eye, which imparts a unique flavor that binds the whole drink together.

The Hawkstone Lager sets a high bar for British Premium Lager. It represents a novel yet respectful interpretation of the brewing tradition, bringing together various elements to form a perfectly harmonious beverage. Through the depth of its flavors, the richness of its ingredients, and its thoughtful creation, Hawkstone Lager doesn’t just meet the standard for a British Premium Lager – it defines it.

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Introducing the original Hawkstone Lager – a brew that embodies audacity and equilibrium in each sip.  Jeremy Clarkson, a name synonymous with unwavering opinions and big ideas, channeled his blood, sweat, and tears into nurturing his malting barley crop. As he watched it thrive, a single, unwavering thought took root in his mind – to find a local brewery that could transform this humble grain into a lager of outstanding quality.

In his quest, he found himself led by the village pub landlord to the doorsteps of Rick and Emma Keene, the proud owners of Cotswold Brewery. It was here that Jeremy discovered a shared passion for championing local agriculture. Moreover, Rick, with his academic background of a four-year degree in brewing, boasted an unrivaled prowess in the craft of brewing.

Upon tasting the initial batch of what would soon be known as Hawkstone Lager, Jeremy was utterly impressed. The quality, taste, and craftsmanship imbued within each sip compelled him to make an investment in this promising endeavor. Hawkstone Lager was no longer a mere idea but had started to blossom into an enticing reality.

Further enriching the mix, Kaleb Cooper, an ardent aficionado of cider, joined the team. Together, they expanded their portfolio to include the distinctive Hawkstone Cider that would accompany their flagship lager as well as a Hawkstone Session Lager and the tasty Hawkstone IPA for ale lovers . The diversity of their offerings began to appeal to a broad spectrum of beverage connoisseurs, underlining their commitment to quality and innovation.

Hawkstone Lager is not merely a drink; it’s a story of passion, collaboration, and a firm belief in the power of local agriculture.  Get ready for Clarkson’s farm season 3 with Hawkstone lager today!




330ml Bottle