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Hawkstone IPA


With each sip of Hawkstone IPA, a wave of tropical fruits and citrus zest washes over the palate, creating a fresh and invigorating taste profile. However, it’s the rich, malty backbone that forms the heart of this brew. A hallmark of Jeremy Clarkson’s ingenuity, as seen on his acclaimed TV show “Clarkson’s Farm”, this full-bodied IPA offers a velvety texture and a substantial malty flavour.

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Immerse yourself in the captivating flavors of Hawkstone IPA, a brew that marries the finest selection of characterful hops with an irresistible balance of tropical and citrus undertones. The exceptional hop variety used in the crafting of this Indian Pale Ale lends it an enchanting sensory experience, unrivaled by the competition.

Sitting at 4.8% alcohol content, Hawkstone IPA straddles the line between a lager and an IPA. Its malt bill is reminiscent of a traditional lager, but its infusion of hops and the resulting bitter edge clearly signal its IPA credentials. It’s this seamless integration of beer styles that sets Hawkstone IPA apart, a testament to the combined creativity and expertise of Jeremy Clarkson and Rick & Emma from the Cotswold Brew Co.

The magic of Hawkstone IPA lies in its unique balance. The malt richness offers a comforting, almost soothing base, while the hop bitterness provides an exciting counterpoint. It’s this masterful harmony of flavors that makes each pint a memorable encounter, perfectly echoing the dedication, passion, and skill that go into each batch of Hawkstone IPA. Whether you’re an IPA enthusiast or a beer connoisseur looking to expand your palate, Hawkstone IPA delivers a uniquely satisfying experience that simply cannot be missed.

4.8% ABV

330ml BOTTLE