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Korev Lager


As radiant as the dawn’s golden hue, as invigorating as the fresh gusts from the coast, as revitalising as the surf pounding our coastlines. This is the essence of the seaside, captured in a glass. Savour each sip. Korev was conceived in Cornwall, a captivating region defined by its magnificent shorelines, industrial legacy, and maritime existence.


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Korev, with its modest 4.8% ABV, is meticulously crafted in the spirit of a traditional Helles lager.  Korev is thoughtfully incorporated with the highest quality barley malt, grown under the radiant Cornish sun, and infused it with a distinctive blend of classic hops – Magnum, Hersbrucker, and Saaz. The result is a lager boasting a pale, gleaming hue, and presenting a taste experience that is both impeccably clean and satisfyingly crisp.

This beer isn’t just about taste, it embodies the tranquil essence of the Cornish coast. Every sip transports you to sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and the soft hum of the ocean, no matter where in the world you might be.

Korev lager is the perfect companion to a variety of meals, making it incredibly versatile. It works particularly well with spicy foods, where its effervescence performs a remarkable trick – it quite literally cleanses your palate, helping to elevate and highlight the robust flavors of the dish. The effect is similar to a refreshing ocean breeze cutting through the summer heat, leaving you refreshed and ready for the next delicious bite. Korev is also a natural fit for BBQs, where its crisp, refreshing character balances out the smoky, charred flavors of grilled meats and vegetables.

So, whether you’re enjoying a fiery curry or a casual summer barbeque, Korev lager not only enhances your meal, but it also brings a piece of the Cornish coast to your table.

4.8% ABV

500ml bottle
St Austell Brewery